Rove, billionaires had a really bad election

Who was one of the biggest losers in Tuesday’s election? Karl Rove. “The Republican strategist who created the model for the outside money groups that raised and spent more than $1 billion on the Nov. 6 elections saw almost no return for their money,” Bloomberg News reported. Not only did Mitt Romney lose, nearly all of the U.S. Senate candidates that Rove’s groups backed also lost. Even Donald Trump mocked Rove, saying on Twitter: “Congrats to @KarlRove on blowing $400 million this cycle.” Conservative billionaires (including Trump) also had a bad election. Sheldon Adelson spent more than $50 million, and all the candidates he backed lost. In addition to the tens of millions spent on the presidential race, groups backed by the Koch brothers supported an anti-union initiative in California that lost and a failed attempt to oust three state Supreme Court justices in Florida.