New revenue estimates will be another big event

The election isn’t the only big event happening Tuesday. The state revenue estimators are meeting in Topeka to make the forecasts to be used to help set next year’s state budget. This will be the first official forecasts since Gov. Sam Brownback signed a large tax cut, which goes into effect Jan. 1. Staff from the Legislative Research Department, which earlier calculated that the tax cut would result in a large revenue shortfall, will be part of the estimating group. So will leaders of the state’s Division of the Budget and Department of Revenue, who have tried to downplay the impact of the tax cuts. The meeting also comes on the heels of new numbers showing that so far this fiscal year the state has collected $22 million less than expected. And it follows complaints by Democrats about the Revenue Department having sent out, less than a week before the election, 146,000 letters (which cost taxpayers $52,000) to business owners in Kansas championing the tax cuts.