Kansas’ tax cuts making neighbors nervous

Gov. Sam Brownback pointed to other states’ lack of income tax as a key reason Kansas needed its own massive tax breaks. Now that it has them, forces in Missouri and Oklahoma in turn are pointing to Kansas with alarm. “What if people start moving jobs and businesses to Kansas? What’s going to happen to our tax base? Who is going to pay my teacher? What’s our plan? You got nothing?” asks a little girl in a new TV ad, sponsored by a group called Save Missouri Jobs, calling for action by Missouri lawmakers. And Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, whose tax-cut advocacy fell short this year, wants to slash Oklahoma’s top income-tax rate from 5.25 to 4.8 percent or lower — less than Kansas’ new rate of 4.9 percent. “Oklahoma needs to compete with our neighbors; to do that, we need to lower our income tax,” Fallin has said.