Daily Archives: Nov. 29, 2012

Filibusters already shutting down Senate

Some Republican senators are threatening to “shut down the Senate” if Democrats change Senate rules to limit the use of filibusters. But the impetus for such a change is that GOP senators already have been shutting down the Senate by their abuse of filibusters. So far during President Obama’s first term in office, there have been nearly 250 GOP filibusters, nearly twice the number of Democratic filibusters during George W. Bush’s first term. Both parties should act like adults and not abuse filibusters. But given recent history, some reasonable restrictions on when and how filibusters can be used may be in order.

‘Self-deportation’ policy is ‘crazy’

Donald Trump blasted Mitt Romney’s support of the “self-deportation” of illegal immigrants (a policy developed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach) as “crazy” and “maniacal.” “It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote,” Trump said (actually, 71 percent). He said that Democrats don’t have a good policy for dealing with illegal immigrants, “but what they did have going for them is they weren’t mean-spirited about it.” He said Republicans need clear proposals that address “people wanting to be wonderful, productive citizens of this country.”

No testing ‘cover-up’ by state education officials

Contrary to the claims of outgoing Kansas State Board of Education member Walt Chappell of Wichita, state education officials are not involved in a “massive cover-up.” They are not “gaming the system” to dupe parents and the public into thinking that our schools are better than they really are. There is no conspiracy. The Kansas assessments were peer-reviewed by the U.S. Department of Education and haven’t been dumbed down. Such irresponsible claims are why Chappell has been ostracized and rebuked by his fellow state board members – and likely why he lost his re-election bid in the GOP primary by 22 percentage points.