Daily Archives: Nov. 28, 2012

Secession petition is symptomatic of what ails nation

The nearly 1 million Americans who’ve signed online secession petitions, including one for Kansas with more than 8,700 names, may be merely blowing off steam after a bitter election defeat. But advocating secession as a remedy is symptomatic of what ails the nation, our editorial today argues. With the election over and the winners and losers identified, people should be pulling together at all levels to work through divisions. The nation and its economy cannot afford more of the partisan sniping that has debilitated Congress and pitted red states against blue ones.

Tear gas in Old Town targeted usual trouble spot

After all the measures by the Wichita Police Department and City Hall to address the shootings and other trouble in Old Town, including recent ordinance changes, it was discouraging to see things reach the point that police used tear gas to disperse a crowd. In another incident, a confrontation between a nightclub patron and a bouncer ended with the patron’s hospitalization for a broken nose and multiple lacerations. Four new surveillance cameras, paid for by business owners, should help police efforts in the nightlife district. But it’s important to note that Old Town’s problems continue to involve mostly the 200 block of North Mosley and the early morning hours when bars close – meaning the public safety problem, though serious, is also isolated.

Thou shalt not misspell Ten Commandments

Oops. A new Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds has two misspelled words and a punctuation error: “Sabbath” came out “Sabbeth,” “maidservant” ended up “maidseruant,” and “neighbor’s” is missing the apostrophe. Columnist John Kelso suggested an additional commandment: “Thou shalt not drop out of school until thou has completed eighth grade.”