Daily Archives: Nov. 14, 2012

Moran makes his move

Congratulations to Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., for his success Wednesday in winning the chairmanship of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. That’s a reflection of the trust the GOP caucus puts in the first-term senator’s ability to raise money and deliver winning candidates for the 2014 Senate races. The pressure on him will be enormous, given last week’s net loss of two Senate seats to Democrats. It’s encouraging to see Moran, who spent 14 low-key years in the House, step into the spotlight. And it will be great to have a Kansan back in a key leadership role in the chamber once led by Kansan Bob Dole. UPDATE: Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, was chosen Wednesday as vice chairwoman of the House Republican Conference.

Romney lost but Ryan won

Paul Ryan’s election night wasn’t all bad. He lost the vice presidency, but state law allowed him to be on the ballot for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, too. He won re-election easily and returned to work Tuesday as House Budget Committee chairman. He told ABC News that President Obama won “fair and square,” but that the election was no mandate to raise taxes. “There are other ways of getting more revenue into our government without damaging the economy, and that’s the kind of thing we hope to achieve,” Ryan said, suggesting that they “take away the loopholes.” Ryan also said Mitt Romney’s campaign was “exactly the kind of campaign that I would’ve run had I been on the top of the ticket” – gracious talk, but not what Republicans looking to win in 2016 will be looking for.

Public supporting city’s golf courses by playing them

Wichitans spoke loudly last year about their opposition to selling or closing one of the city’s public golf courses. As great as that support was, it’s even better that so many more golfers have played the five courses this year – driving up revenues 16 percent and rounds 14 percent – and that they seem newly satisfied with customer service. Projected net income for the year is almost $800,000, more than double the $325,945 of 2011. The debt on the Auburn Hills course remains a challenge, and one good summer doesn’t guarantee more. But city leaders now can view privatization as one option, rather than the system’s only hope.