Daily Archives: Nov. 7, 2012

Did Kobach connection cost Romney the election?

Hispanic voters – especially in states such as Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico – were a key reason why President Obama was re-elected. Not only did more Hispanics vote this year than in 2008, but exit polls indicated that a higher percentage of them voted for Obama than four years ago. No doubt Mitt Romney regrets his decision during the GOP primary to embrace Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (in photo) and his policy of “self-deportation.” The GOP also should rethink its hard-line stances on immigration if it doesn’t want to keep losing national elections.

Now Obama, GOP need to work together

Kansas didn’t share in Tuesday’s re-election of President Obama, seeing its six electoral votes go to Republican Mitt Romney. If Obama’s win suggests a desire on American voters’ part to stick with the status quo, it also promises more debilitating partisanship. It could be a long four years. The nation needs quick and decisive action from its president and Congress on the spiraling debt, mounting entitlement obligations, stalled economy and other fiscal issues. Foreign affairs, especially in the unpredictable Middle East, will require cool heads and carefully measured and coordinated responses. With the GOP-led House still defined by its antagonism for Obama and especially Obamacare, and the Senate still in Democratic hands, the prospects are bleak for bipartisan problem-solving. The need for a new generation of Bob Doles and Tip O’Neills will be urgent.

New downtown YMCA is already welcome

After 18 months of construction, the new Robert D. Love Downtown YMCA is nearly completed. And it is looking great. The facility, located on North Market between Third and Central, will have a series of pre-opening activities during the next month before its official opening Dec. 10. The new 110,000-square-foot, glass-filled building is designed to be a beacon to the neighborhood and is expected to serve 30,000 people in the area. It is already a welcome addition to downtown.