Specter praised by former Kansas colleagues

“Arlen was an amazing man,” Gov. Sam Brownback said of Arlen Specter, the Wichita native and former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania who died Sunday. “He was a tough fighter you always wanted on your team. He loved what America stood for and lived the American dream.” Brownback and Specter served 14 years together in the Senate. Former Wichita congressman Dan Glickman also praised Specter, who was a longtime family friend. “Arlen was always helpful to me during my congressional career, not only because we shared many of the same positions on issues, but the bond (between) two Kansas politicians who both happened to have attended the same synagogue in Wichita was stronger than our different political party affiliations,” Glickman said, adding that “the country will miss Arlen’s independence, tough-mindedness and patriotism.”