So they said

“Congratulations Paul. Well done. You were respectful & truthful, unlike your opponent who was cranky & rude. Time for leaders w/character.” – Rep. Mike Pompeo (in photo), R-Wichita, on his Pompeo for Congress Twitter account, complimenting Rep. Paul Ryan’s debate performance

“The backwater word is: ‘Do not send too much to make him look like a nut.’” – Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, on how aggressive Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration wants to be in passing anti-abortion legislation next session

“My position is really more apolitical, just trying to be a good insurance regulator. His is more of a political position, and I understand that.” – Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, on Brownback’s unwillingness to have anything to do with the federal health reform law

“When you don’t agree with the facts, then you just label it scare tactics.” – Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, on Republicans’ reaction when Democrats mention the revenue shortfalls forecast because of the governor’s tax cuts

“They do a good job but not that good.” – Rep. Tom Arpke, R-Salina, a Kansas Senate candidate, calling the legislative researchers’ predicted red ink “a red herring”