Open-carry advocates target Wyandotte County

“First they came for Wichita, then Overland Park and now, the Dot,” wrote Kansas City Star columnist Mary Sanchez, about the libertarians who want the unified city-county government in Wyandotte County to join Overland Park and Wichita in repealing local bans on the open carry of firearms that seem to conflict with state law. Sanchez observed: “Other state legislatures have handled open carry with a higher sense of fairness to all instead of rolling over for a belly rub by gun-rights activists.” For example, Oklahoma’s new open-carry law, which goes into effect Nov. 1, will require those who choose to carry guns openly to have gone through training and a background check. But, Sanchez wrote, “Kansas has ‘permissive open carry.’ No permits, with their extensive background checks, are required and no safety training – the very things that reasonable people would expect.”