Obama, Romney poke fun at themselves, each other

President Obama and Mitt Romney took a welcome break from the campaign bickering and had fun teasing each other and themselves Thursday at the 67th annual Al Smith dinner, a fund-raiser for Catholic charitable work.
Among Obama’s jokes:
“I had a lot more energy in our second debate. I felt really well-rested after the nice long nap I had in first debate.”
“After my foreign trip in 2008, I was attacked as a celebrity because I was so popular with our allies overseas. I have to say, I’m impressed by how well Gov. Romney has avoided that problem.”
“The next debate is on foreign policy. Spoiler alert: We got bin Laden.”
Romney’s jokes included:
“As President Obama surveys the Waldorf banquet room, with everyone in white tie and finery, you have to wonder what he’s thinking: ‘So little time. So much to redistribute.’”
”I was actually hoping the president would bring Joe Biden along this evening, cause he’ll laugh at anything.”
“In the spirit of ‘Sesame Street’ tonight, the president’s remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and the number 16 trillion.”