Kobach’s many hats include right-wing radio host

Many Kansans don’t realize that Kris Kobach hosts a two-hour talk-radio show every Sunday night on KCMO in Kansas City, Mo., as he did before being elected Kansas secretary of state. The show also was news to Slate’s David Weigel, who happened to find it on his car radio dial Sunday during a visit to the city. He quoted Kobach as declaring of the upcoming election: “It’s got to be not just a Romney victory, but a landslide. If we have another four years of Obama, let me tell you, the quality of the judiciary will change.” Asked by a caller whether the president could qualify to vote in Kansas, Kobach said: “He presumably could. I assume he’s got a passport. We’ve seen his birth certificate on the Web, so he’s got one of those. Yeah, he could certainly qualify as a U.S. citizen. I don’t think he’d be coming to Kansas any time soon to vote, but we’d be happy to make him prove his citizenship to register.”