Garvey should be ashamed about Facebook rant

Tim Garvey, the Republican candidate for Kansas House District 83 in east Wichita, should be ashamed about the strange, punctuation-challenged rant he posted recently on Facebook. Opening with a use of the f-word, Garvey’s post said President Obama has “to pay the conscience” and should read the Constitution “and actually understand it,” and that “no one is better then (sic) the next person there is no black or white there is only blood we all bleed red!” After calling the late conservative crusader Andrew Breitbart “one of my best friends,” Garvey concluded: “With no hate no differences nothing we must not have any more ‘race’ we are all people one in the same.” Garvey told the Huffington Post he was upset about Obamacare and “with people smearing the Constitution” when he posted the comment, which he said he should have written differently. “It would have been better if I had left out the f-word,” he said. “There should not be race. I have talked to people in the past who said that they voted for Barack Obama to show they’re not racist.” In response, the Kansas House Democrats tweeted: “@GovSamBrownback’s choice for the 83rd House District,” adding, “Keep it classy.” Other Twitter responses included “Case in point why education is important” and “New game: Onion story or tea party profile.”