Dole learned there is life after losing

“For a long time after my loss to Bill Clinton in 1996, I would lie awake nights wondering what I could have done to change the outcome,” Bob Dole wrote in a Washington Post commentary about life after losing a presidential campaign. “Did we rely too much on the Republican base, letting cultural issues define us in a harsh light and driving away independents and suburban voters?” But he eventually realized that “brooding over what might have been is self-defeating.” Dole said that greeting Honor Flights veterans at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., helps remind him of how “the greatest of life’s blessings cannot be counted in electoral votes.” As for his post-defeat career as a TV pitchman, Dole said that any second thoughts he may have entertained about being a Viagra spokesman were “put to rest by a couple of wives who approached me in airports to say, simply, ‘Thank you, Senator.’”