Dole has high praise for McGovern

“There can be no doubt that throughout his half-century career in the public arena, George McGovern never gave up on his principles or in his determination to call our nation to a higher plain,” former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole wrote of the former Democratic presidential candidate, who died Sunday. “America and the world are for the better because of him.” Dole acknowledged that it might seem a bit odd for him to be praising McGovern, whom Dole described as an “unapologetic liberal.” But Dole and McGovern formed a close bond working together on hunger issues. While colleagues in the Senate, they helped reform the food-stamp program and expand the school-lunch program. After they left office, they helped expand global school feeding, nutrition and education programs, for which they were named the co-recipients of the World Food Prize in 2008. Dole called McGovern “one of the finest public servants I had the privilege to know.”