Beware of campaign-mailer claims

Just in time for Halloween, some groups are trying to scare voters with campaign mailings that make false or misleading claims. The Kansas Democratic Party apologized for a mailer stating incorrectly that Rep. Joseph Scapa, R-Wichita, and Rep. Jana Goodman, R-Leavenworth, “voted for the largest cut to education in Kansas history.” That was referring to the 2011 state budget bill, which the lawmakers voted against (though they voted for earlier versions of the budget that cut aid to public schools even more, Associated Press reported). Meanwhile, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce sent out mailings opposing some Democrats and claiming that the state’s economic policies left “154,643 unemployed Kansans” – when the actual number is 87,416. The mailers also blasted Democrats for supporting the temporary statewide sales-tax increase in 2010 – the same tax that the Kansas Chamber later advocated be made permanent.