Stolz spoke hard truth about bus system

Tom Stolz, deputy chief for the Wichita Police Department and the acting director of Wichita Transit, didn’t say anything the other night about the city’s bus system that hasn’t been said by many, many others. Still, his take on the system was strikingly blunt: “Our transit system is extremely cumbersome. It is unreliable. If you had to depend on our transit system to get you to work or to the doctor, don’t count on it. It is terrible for a city this size.” Stolz, speaking at a meeting of Wichita Independent Neighborhoods, also spoke the truth in saying the community needs to decide what bus system it wants. “Are we going to stay with this same model, which is hit and miss, or are we going to try and upgrade?” he asked. One thing Wichita won’t be doing this year is asking voters to increase the sales tax to improve the bus system, something the city’s transit advisory board had recommended. As of Oct. 30, Wichita Transit will have a new boss, Steve Spade, who has been the transit director for Chapel Hill, N.C.