Poll finds fluoridation support weakening

With a little more than a month to go until Wichitans decide whether to fluoridate the water system, the opponents appear to be gaining on proponents. In August, 62 percent of Wichitans polled by SurveyUSA said they would vote for adding fluoride, with 31 percent against and 7 percent undecided. In last week’s follow-up SurveyUSA poll, also sponsored by KWCH, Channel 12, only 46 percent said they were sure to vote “yes,” with 40 percent planning to vote “no” and 14 percent undecided. Support is strongest among self-described liberals (61 percent) and those who’ve spent at least four years in college (60 percent) and earn more than $80,000 a year (57 percent); opposition is strongest among self-described conservatives (51 percent) and those whose education ended with high school (53 percent).