Kobach, Schmidt, Colyer legitimizing ‘birther’ nonsense

All Kansans are free to believe whatever cockamamie conspiracy theory they choose about the circumstances of Barack Obama’s birth. But it boggles the mind that statewide officeholders such as Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, sitting as the State Objections Board, would legitimize the so-called doubt about Obama’s citizenship. They did so Thursday by deciding to wait until perhaps Monday to toss out a Manhattan resident’s challenge to putting the president’s name on the Nov. 6 ballot, claiming they needed documents from Hawaii, Arizona and Mississippi. They’ve got to be kidding – or pandering to the worst of their party. Kobach was unpersuasive in arguing that “delaying doesn’t in any way give any credence to the claim of the objector” but “simply says this is the state objections board, created by Kansas statute, and we need to take our responsibilities seriously.” It should go without saying that they need to take only serious objections seriously.