Likening Romney-Ryan to Dole-Kemp

In an interview with Britain’s the Daily Telegraph, former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole called Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan a “great team” and compared the ticket to his own 1996 pairing with Jack Kemp (in photo) – the most recent GOP ticket to attempt to unseat a sitting Democratic president. The choice of Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman and Kemp disciple who wrote speeches for the 1996 campaign, was an “extension of Jack’s legacy,” Dole said. But the 89-year-old former Senate majority leader also called on Romney and the GOP to reach out to young people and ethnic minorities. “We cannot be a single-issue party or single-philosophy party,” he said. Dole defended Romney’s decision to release only two years of tax returns, though Dole had released 30 years’ worth. “It wasn’t any sweat for me – I don’t have these complicated things where you need 19 accountants to figure out what your taxes are. I imagine Romney must have an army.” Dole did fret that in the wake of the Citizens United decision, “it’s going to be hard for someone like me to run for president” – someone who lacked either personal wealth or wealthy friends or relatives. Then again, Dole joked, “The Koch brothers live in Wichita – maybe I could call on them.”