Step closer to new airport terminal

It was encouraging last week to see Wichita’s bid board unanimously decline Dondlinger and Sons’ appeal in the airport terminal contract dispute, which centers on whether the local company and Indianapolis partner Hunt Construction Group met the rules requiring a good faith effort to land enough disadvantaged subcontractors. Obviously, the construction partners were frustrated to see their low bid of $99.4 million lose out to Wichita-based Key Construction and Detroit-based Wallbridge, which won the contract with their second-lowest bid of $101.5 million, and Dondlinger and Hunt can still try to make their case to the City Council and perhaps the courts. But it’s important that Wichita Mid-Continent Airport’s long-delayed terminal project get going, and not do anything to jeopardize its federal funding. The bid board’s move was a step closer to the goal of getting the terminal built and open for business.