Ranzau spends taxpayer money railing against spending

Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau has some curious ideas on what’s worth his time and county resources. He thought it was fine to spend $1,463.50 in county funds to travel to the National Association of Counties’ annual meeting in Pittsburgh in order to have a national audience for his fearmongering lobbying against the meaningless 20-year-old United Nations’ “Agenda 21” document. But then he left the meeting early rather than, while he was there, take advantage of what was going on and perhaps expand his thinking or enhance his performance as a county commissioner because, he said, “I didn’t think it was a good use of my time.” He also clearly thinks it’s fine to use the county’s website and televised meetings to continue to campaign against Agenda 21 and the county’s participation in a regional planning process funded by a $1.5 million federal grant – never mind that the process was approved by the commission majority and is under way. And it was painful to learn that Ranzau serves on NACO’s environment, energy and land use steering committee, where his views might be mistaken for those of the county and commission majority.