Kansans at odds with justices on immigration, health care

If it had been up to Kansans, rather than the U.S. Supreme Court, to pass judgment on the Arizona immigration law and “Obamacare,” last week’s decisions would have gone the other way. In a SurveyUSA poll, sponsored by KWCH, Channel 12, 55 percent of those Kansans surveyed said states should have a right to create immigration laws that pre-empt federal law, and 52 percent disagreed with the high court’s decision that it was unconstitutional for Arizona to make it a state crime for illegal immigrants to work in the state. After the court upheld the health care reform law, 52 percent of Kansans polled by SurveyUSA said they disagreed with the decision, and 59 percent said people should be allowed to choose whether to have health insurance. But 79 percent said insurance companies should be required to cover everyone who wants to buy insurance – an endorsement of the law’s requirement that pre-existing conditions not be a basis for coverage denial (which also necessitates the mandate to buy insurance).