KFL choosing between pro-life candidates

Some legislators are upset with Kansans for Life for picking sides in GOP primaries in which both candidates are pro-life, Associated Press reported. For example, the anti-abortion group endorsed Rep. Richard Carlson, R-St. Marys, in a GOP primary against Rep. Trent LeDoux, R-Holton, who is also strongly anti-abortion. “Either endorse them both, or stay out of it,” LeDoux said. “Kansans for Life has marginalized themselves.” Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton, said he has a 100 percent pro-life voting record, yet Kansans for Life endorsed his challenger, Rep. Larry Powell, R-Garden City. Morris suggested that Kansans for Life might be influenced by anti-tax groups that are targeting him and other state senators – a claim that Kansans for Life denies. One of the group’s litmus tests was whether senators supported changing the way judges are appointed, which is a procedural question on which reasonable people can disagree. In area Senate races, Kansans for Life didn’t endorse Sen. Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick, or Rep. Dan Kerschen, R-Garden Plain, though it acknowledged that both have pro-life voting records.