Alabama toasting French company

“Years from now, we may look back on the Fourth of July week in 2012 as the time when the tide turned for Mobile. Imagine telling future generations how a French company planted a flag deep in U.S. soil on the Gulf Coast – allowing Mobile to get on the world map in aerospace,” editorialized the Press-Register in Mobile, Ala., noting that Airbus’ plan to build a $600 million assembly plant in town had been aptly code-named “Hope.” Editorial cartoonist J.D. Crowe was more blunt, blogging Tuesday: “As we celebrate America’s birthday, Mobile will also be toasting our new business partner with French Champagne. Meanwhile, in places like Seattle, crybaby Boeing will be gargling its cheap whine.” Boeing’s reaction to its rival’s announcement had been less than welcoming: “While it is interesting once again to see Airbus promising to move jobs from Europe to the United States, no matter how many are created, the numbers pale in comparison to the thousands of U.S. jobs destroyed by illegal subsidies.”