Kobach: GOP primary key to action on immigration

Asked by Time’s Swampland blog what the U.S. Supreme Court’s immigration decision means for Kansas, Secretary of State Kris Kobach predicted efforts to pass laws mandating that businesses use E-Verify and law enforcement check immigration status, a la Arizona. And he didn’t sound much like a neutral state elections official. “But it will all be dependent on what happens in the Aug. 7 primary,” he said. “Each state has its own little game: In Kansas we had a very conservative House and we had a very moderate/liberal Senate, and there was this coalition of Republican moderates who would align themselves with Democrats and had a governing majority and would defeat conservative legislation. In the Aug. 7 primary it will be determined whether it will be a conservative Republican majority or a moderate/liberal Republican majority. If the conservatives take control of the Kansas Senate, then I think you will see legislation like Arizona’s have a good chance of succeeding.”