Kansas’ tax cuts getting more notice

A Forbes article analyzing recent changes in income-tax laws in Kansas and Maryland observed that “the gap between high-tax blue states and low-tax red ones has been widening,” and that Kansas enacted “one of the biggest tax cuts adopted by any state in years.” Though Gov. Sam Brownback touted its potential to stoke job creation, critics point out that “the new Kansas exemption is not in any way linked to the size of the business, or to job creation and covers everyone from a self-employed orthodontist or plumber to the partners of big law and accounting firms to the owners of a handful of Kansas banks organized as S corporations,” Forbes’ Janet Novack wrote. And “when the food sales tax rebate disappears next year,” she also noted, “Kansas will join Alabama and Mississippi as the only states that levy a tax on food and don’t in some way compensate lower income residents for the strain on their budgets.” For its part, Maryland just raised income-tax rates and phased out personal exemptions for higher earners.