A Romney-Bair ticket?

If Mitt Romney wants a running mate to counter the impression that his interests mirror those of a financial sector “that has run roughshod over the nation and practically brought the nation’s economy to its knees,” he should pick former Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairwoman Sheila Bair (in photo), argued Huffington Post blogger Raymond J. Learsy. He wrote of the native Kansan: “Bair, a moderate Republican and holdover appointee from the Bush administration, fought unstintingly against the crony capitalism that had overtaken our government.” Most recently, Bair argued in a Fortune commentary that JPMorgan Chase is too big to manage, let alone regulate, and that CEO Jamie Dimon should take steps to downsize. “The best way for Dimon to provide a better return to his investors is to recognize that his bank is worth more in smaller, easier-to-manage pieces,” Bair wrote.