Is Romney ‘Ko-bachtracking’?

Anti-immigration crusader and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been identified as an unpaid adviser to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the source of Romney’s view that “the answer is self-deportation.” But the nature of their relationship got murky last week. When Politico asked the Romney campaign whether Kobach was still an “adviser,” a Romney spokeswoman e-mailed back: “supporter.” Later, Kobach told ThinkProgress: “No, my relationship with the campaign has not changed. Still doing the same thing I was doing before,” which is “providing advice on immigration policy” and communicating “regularly with senior members of Romney’s team.” In response, though, President Obama adviser David Axelrod tweeted: “Kobach botches Mitt maneuver. Refuses to be Etch-a-Sketched away!” Slate political reporter Dave Weigel called it a case of “Ko-bachtracking.” The New York Times’ Lawrence Downes observed: “Latino voters. The Kobach crowd. Mr. Romney can try to have one or the other, but probably not both.”