Anti-abortion bill goes too far, as usual

It’s one thing for doctors and pharmacists to refuse to participate in abortions or to prescribe or dispense contraceptives – though that can create significant problems for women living in small towns. But the Kansas House went too far in expanding the state’s conscience law so that doctors and pharmacists don’t have to refer patients to other providers. That goes beyond protecting the consciences of doctors to imposing those views on patients. The House also is considering legislation that would limit the liability of doctors who lie to women about the condition of their pregnancies to try to prevent them from getting abortions, and that would require physicians to inform women seeking an abortion about the risk of breast cancer, even though mainstream science doesn’t support a link between abortion and breast cancer. Meanwhile, those on both sides of the abortion debate can’t believe that a former abortion doctor at a now-defunct clinic in Kansas City, Kan., put more than 1,000 patient files in a recycling container. The files, which included personal information about patients, were discovered by an Overland Park woman.