Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Brownback receives ‘sarcasm bombing’

Gov. Sam Brownback’s staff deleted a “sarcasm bombing” of negative comments from his Facebook page this week. Many of the comments were explicit and mockingly treated Brownback as if he were an expert on women’s health issues, the website Mashable reported. One of the deleted comments: “I just called your office, and they wouldn’t let me schedule a pap smear. I’m confused, aren’t you taking care of all this now?”

GOP isn’t a crazy party

“The longer the primary campaign drags on, the more its noise and nastiness are being cited as proof that Republican America has gone crazy,” columnist Ross Douthat wrote. But he thinks that Republican primary voters have been thoughtful and methodical, as they have considered and then rejected various candidates. He contends that the biggest problem with this year’s primary is that the GOP stars didn’t run and the electorate “was left to choose from a roster of retreads, mediocrities and cable-news candidates. And given their options, Republican voters have acquitted themselves about as sensibly, responsibly and even patriotically as anyone could reasonably expect.”

Obama gives up on picking KU

President Obama heeded the plea of University of Kansas coach Bill Self and didn’t pick KU to win it all, instead predicting an NCAA men’s championship game in which North Carolina defeats Kentucky. Obama accurately picked North Carolina in 2009, but wrongly called it for the Jayhawks in 2010 and 2011. “They broke my heart each year,” he told ESPN. The Hill newspaper noted that the president’s “selections heavily favor states that are likely to be in play during his re-election bid.” Plus, the Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte. The president had Wichita State and Kansas State losing in the first and second rounds, respectively, and the Tar Heels ousting Kansas in the Elite Eight.