Daily Archives: Feb. 1, 2012

Being irrelevant to nomination race has an upside

Mitt Romney is already off to Nevada after his big win Tuesday night in the Florida primary. Florida voters are likely relieved that the hurricane created by millions of dollars of super PAC attack ads has finally passed. Miami Herald humor columnist Dave Barry captured the pre-primary flavor of Florida, in which “no matter what channel you change to, you hear sneering announcers telling you one appalling thing after” another: “Can we really trust Mitt Romney, a Massachusetts liberal who …,” “…bloat-faced beltway insider Newt Gingrich drank champagne while thousands of Florida homeowners lost their …,” “…a Massachusetts socialist who …,” “… raked in millions from lobbyists while Florida homeowners were selling their kidneys to pay for …,” “… apparently wears some kind of secret cult underwear …,” “…claims he never performed a human sacrifice on behalf of Fannie Mae, but can we really …,” “… a Massachusetts communist who fought for Fidel and …,” “… claims he never bludgeoned any of his wives to death with a hatchet, but can we really. …”

Laffer pushing tax cut in Oklahoma, too

Supply-side economist Arthur Laffer, who was paid $75,000 to consult on Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax-cut plan, also is behind a proposal in Oklahoma to switch to a 2.25 percent flat tax starting in 2013. The plan then would reduce income taxes an additional 0.25 percentage points each year until the tax is fully repealed in 2022. The free-market group Americans for Prosperity is cheering the Oklahoma plan, saying “Oklahoma legislators are leading the way by putting this aggressive pro-growth proposal on the table.” But others think the idea is nuts. Alexander Holmes, chairman of the economics department at the University of Oklahoma, noted that income taxes account for about one-third of Oklahoma’s budget (it’s about 50 percent in Kansas). “I think, frankly, it’s willful ignorance for somebody to propose abolishing personal income tax,” he said.