Scant sympathy for Wichita in Mobile

Columnist K.A. Turner at the Press-Register in Mobile, Ala., saw irony but no surprise in the news of Boeing’s planned pullout of Wichita. “The Kansas political delegation, particularly then-U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt, was generally seen as the most strident in its opposition to letting a ‘foreign company’ win the tanker war,” Turner wrote. “Never mind that the ‘foreigners’ – the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. – would have assembled the Air Force planes in Mobile, and that the company’s Airbus subsidiary has a 300-employee engineering center in Wichita. ” She noted that Tiahrt didn’t respond to a Press-Register call for comment about Boeing’s departure. “Nor did he join the initial chorus of shouts from politicians who felt betrayed. Boeing was his employer before his time in Congress, and Boeing is the first client listed on the website for the consulting firm Tiahrt opened after leaving office, so perhaps he delivered his response in person,” she wrote.