Kobach won’t take ‘wait’ for answer

Secretary of State Kris Kobach asked state lawmakers last session to require people who register to vote to provide proof of citizenship beginning this election year. Lawmakers went along with the change, even though there is no evidence that voter fraud is a significant problem in Kansas, but decided to delay the requirement until 2013 to provide time to get ready. But after the law was passed, Kobach went back to lawmakers at the end of last session and tried to get them to move up the deadline, which they declined to do. Now Kobach is back again, asking the Legislature to move up the deadline to June 15 of this year – even though local county clerks and election officials have said they have enough on their plate in trying to implement the state’s new voter-ID law. Meanwhile, Wichita voting-rights activists went to the Twin Lakes DMV office Tuesday to raise concerns about whether the state is prepared to provide people with free photo IDs.