Still more national opinions on the tweet flap

“It forces us to recognize that Emma Sullivan isn’t just a hero of free speech; she’s a victim (and a perpetrator) of cheap talk. She’s a casualty of a culture so saturated with mindless chatter that it can’t separate truth from hyperbole.” — Meghan Daum, Los Angeles Times
“Parents are not bound by constitutional constraints. The Constitution does not grant teenagers the fundamental right to have a cellphone or use foul language on it. The parental role is to inculcate values of respect for authority — even those you disagree with — and the importance of civil discourse.” — Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
“Thanks to the anti-bullying crusade, we’re no longer presumed to enjoy a right to make fun of each other; so we should not be entirely surprised when government officials listen to teenagers chatter and turn them in for mocking their political leaders.” — Wendy Kaminer, the Atlantic
“There’s a lesson here for you kids — that anything you tweet can and will be used against you, just like anything you put up on your Facebook page.” — Mike Littwin, Denver Post