Universities must reclaim athletic departments

The Penn State scandal and the realignment of athletic conferences are more evidence of “the athletic departments being the tail that wags the university dog,” former Kansas congressman Bill Roy wrote. He noted how the University of Kansas and Kansas State University have had their own recent scandals. “When a disgraced athletic director (at KU) can walk away with a $4 million ‘retention bonus’ before his term of service expired and following a tenure of negligent administration, something is badly wrong,” Roy wrote. “When an interim athletic director (at K-State) can, in near-secrecy, write a revised coaching contract with an increased severance clause – which paid off in millions when said coach was fired two months later – there is something wrong.” Dr. Roy’s prescription: “Universities and their boards of regents must reclaim their athletic departments. And national accrediting bodies and state legislatures must make darn sure they do.”