Does Brownback endorse agenda of prayer sponsors?

Thomas Witt of Wichita, chairman of the Kansas Equality Coalition, criticized Gov. Sam Brownback (in photo) for planning to attend a prayer rally Saturday in Houston put on by extreme anti-gay groups, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. “These aren’t groups who just don’t want gays to get married,” Witt said. “Everyone knows where Sam Brownback stands on that; he doesn’t like it. But this is about showing support for organizations that would rather see us dead.” The event’s leading sponsor is the American Family Association, whose director of issue analysis last year blamed homosexuality for the Holocaust. The event’s leadership team also includes members of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo., and TheCall, whose leader has been linked to efforts in Uganda to impose the death penalty for homosexuality. “I don’t know if ‘extremist’ is a strong enough word,” Witt said, adding that Brownback is supposed to be “everybody’s governor, not just the governor of the right-wing base.”