Daily Archives: Aug. 10, 2011

GOP keeps control of Wisconsin Senate

Wisconsin Democrats picked up two seats in Tuesday’s recall election, but that’s seen as a victory for Republicans, because Democrats had to win at least three of the contests to take control of the state senate. Union and anti-tax groups dumped millions of dollars into the campaigns, which were viewed as a referendum on Republican policies.

OK to review concealed-carry policy

Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau wants the county to develop a formal policy on which county facilities should and should not allow concealed guns, as opposed to having a blanket ban for all buildings. “We need a policy that clearly shows the public . . . that we take their rights seriously and we’re not going to restrict those rights without some form of due process,” Ranzau said. That’s fine. There likely are some county buildings where concealed guns would be OK. But unlike Ranzau, most Wichitans likely wouldn’t feel safer if concealed guns were allowed in community mental health centers.

What isn’t on the state’s new website

While complimenting the state’s new website, www.kansas.gov, Topeka Capital-Journal columnist Ric Anderson imagined the possibilities of a less politically neutral site under Gov. Sam Brownback. Among the ideas: the “Am I Conservative Enough to Live in Kansas?” Quiz (those who aren’t “receive an error message and are automatically directed to the state of Missouri’s page”) and a Democrat registry (in the manner of sex-offender registries, with a moderate Republican registry planned). Anderson also imagined a list of 10 things average Kansans can do to help the state’s economy: “These range from supporting corporate tax breaks and economic development subsidies for such large companies as Koch Industries to supporting relaxation of regulatory requirements for such large companies as Koch Industries. Sponsored by Koch Industries.”