Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Weiner admits to sending, lying about photo

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., has admitted to sending a suggestive photo to a college student over his Twitter account. “I was embarrassed and I didn’t want this to lead to other embarrassing things,” Weiner said. “It was a dumb thing to do to tell lies about it, because it just led to more lies.” He also admitted to sending other photos to other women, though he said some of the photos were from three years ago, before he was married. He said he has no plans to resign. Voters may have other plans.

Palin, Gates offer contrasting tours

“There is a tour under way that highlights the great things about America,” wrote Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. But it wasn’t Sarah Palin’s much-publicized bus tour but rather the farewell tour of Robert Gates (in photo), the defense secretary for the past 4½ years. The Wichita native, Milbank wrote, “took on sacred weapons programs at the Pentagon, fired ineffective generals, won the surge in Iraq, revived a crumbling war effort in Afghanistan and got Osama bin Laden.” In contrast, Milbank wrote, “during that same time, Palin quit midway through her term as Alaska governor, then went on to a life of $100,000 speaking fees, reality TV shows and incendiary political speech.”

Stop gamesmanship on debt limit

The warning last week by Moody’s Investors Service that it could soon downgrade the U.S. credit rating should get lawmakers’ attention. Moody’s said that political gamesmanship over raising the government’s debt ceiling has been worse than expected and that if progress toward increasing the limit isn’t made by mid-July, Moody’s may downgrade the rating. “The heightened polarization over the debt limit has increased the odds of a short-lived default,” Moody’s analysis said. In April, Standard & Poor’s lowered its U.S. debt outlook to “negative” out of concern that lawmakers wouldn’t be able to agree on a debt-reduction plan.

No Koch cups at House cafeteria

“As soon as the Republicans took over the House of Representatives, they threw out all of the biodegradable utensils we were using in the cafeterias and they required us to buy Styrofoam cups and plates and so on that are manufactured by Dixie, and, in fact, this is part of Koch Industries,” said Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., at a recent Democrat-sponsored rally at George Mason University. But “he’s wrong about everything,” concluded the PolitiFact website, which gave the statement its “Pants on Fire!” rating. The new House GOP leadership did end the chamber’s costly composting program, and the restaurant vendor went to Styrofoam. But the cups aren’t produced by Koch Industries-owned Dixie but rather by a competitor.