Koch article a talker

kochsThe New Yorker article about the political spending of David and Charles Koch continues to generate a lot of chatter. New York Times columnist Frank Rich wrote: “There’s just one element missing from these snapshots of America’s ostensibly spontaneous and leaderless populist uprising: the sugar daddies who are bankrolling it, and have been doing so since well before the ‘death panel’ warm-up acts of last summer.” An Economist blog responded to the article: “The underlying assumption, that the Tea Party movement is the creation of a couple of sinister billionaires, is nonsense. Americans don’t need sinister billionaires to persuade them that government is big, fat, evil and the rest of it.” Koch Industries’ official response stated: “Recent media stories attempt to demonize Koch’s 40 years of unwavering, transparent, lawful and principled commitment to economic freedom and market-based policy solutions. Part of this attack is to diminish and mischaracterize important and authentic citizen efforts as well as company support of education and human services programs.”