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Losing battle for hearts and minds

mullenmikeAdm. Mike Mullen (in photo), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote a commentary arguing that the United States can’t win in Afghanistan unless it wins the trust of the Afghan and Pakistani people. He argued that Abu Ghraib and civilian casualties have undermined that trust. But the Washington Post’s Planet War blog questioned whether the bigger issue is security: “The U.S. loses the battle of hearts and minds because it’s losing the battle, pure and simple, not because of civilian casualties. Is Mullen so isolated that he can’t see that?”

Does stock market hate Obamanomics?

APTOPIX Wall Street“The market hates Obama’s stimulus package and just about everything related to Obamanomics,” Rich Karlgaard argued on a Forbes blog. He noted how “stocks are down 27 percent since the Nov. 4th election.” The reason, he argued, is that “private capital has no idea what future holds in terms of taxes, regulation, trade, deficits and the value of the dollar. None whatsoever.” Of course, another reason the market might be down is because we’re in a global recession.

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Smoking is a statewide issue

smoking212The Kansas Senate voted Tuesday for clean air and lower health care costs by approving a statewide public indoor smoking ban. Unfortunately, many House members have a misguided view that a smoking ban should be a local, not a state, issue — so approval in the House appears doubtful. But smoking harms the health of citizens statewide (smokers and nonsmokers) and, according to estimates by the Kansas Health Policy Authority, costs the state $927 million a year in medical expenses.

Cessna going on offensive

cessnacolumbus3Good for Cessna Aircraft Co. for going on the offensive to combat the public and political backlash toward business jets. It launches a national advertising campaign today urging executives not to put timidity into their business plans. A newspaper ad states that business jets aren’t about ego or artifice but about “availing yourself of the full range of tools to do your job.”

GWEDC crucial to attracting, retaining jobs

It’s a bit puzzling that Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Kelly Parks doesn’t know how the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition spends its money. After all, the commission just agreed in December to contribute $300,000 to GWEDC in 2009. But as he and Commissioner Karl Peterjohn re-examine GWEDC, they will no doubt realize how important the organization is to our region. The partnership between the county, the city of Wichita and the private sector has been crucial in attracting and retaining jobs and eliminating turf battles that used to inhibit economic development. And as GWEDC president Vicki Pratt Gerbino asked in a commentary on Sunday’s Eagle Opinion pages, “Shouldn’t our highest priority be to invest in something that ultimately preserves, nurtures and recruits new jobs to our community?”