Could Gaza crisis have been easily avoided?

“I know from personal involvement that the devastating invasion of Gaza by Israel could easily have been avoided,” former President Jimmy Carter wrote in a Washington Post commentary. Carter, who considers the rocket attacks by Hamas to be acts of terrorism, said he was involved in fostering the cease-fire agreement that began last June. One key part of the agreement was Israel allowing into Gaza more supplies of food, water, medicine and fuel – which didn’t happen at the levels promised.  Carter said that acute malnutrition in Gaza is “on the same scale as in the poorest nations in the southern Sahara, with more than half of all Palestinian families eating only one meal a day.”
Carter hopes that “when further hostilities are no longer productive, Israel, Hamas and the United States will accept another cease-fire, at which time the rockets will again stop and an adequate level of humanitarian supplies will be permitted to the surviving Palestinians, with the publicized agreement monitored by the international community.”