State’s pharmacist shortage may not wait

drugs1.jpgThe 2009 budget passed by the Kansas House this week would deliver on some important priorities for Wichita, including aviation research and training. But among the items deferred for the wrap-up session is one of huge benefit to the whole state as well as Wichita — a proposed $50 million bond issue for an expansion of the University of Kansas pharmacy school. To its credit, the House has approved $1 million to get the planning started for the expansion. But time is short: Seven counties in the state have no pharmacy, and another 30 have only one each. KU now has more applicants than places in its pharmacy school, which would grow by 45 students at the Lawrence campus and by 40 in Wichita under the expansion. “This is a priority not just for KU, Lawrence and Wichita, but for the whole state,” said state Rep. Raj Goyle, D-Wichita.