Would an Edwards endorsement matter?

edwardsIn recent weeks, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton reportedly have been lobbying John Edwards, who is said to be close to an endorsement.

At first glance, Edwards would seem to be a natural ally of Obama, but there’s a chance he could choose Clinton if he thinks she’s better prepared to lead and will do more on universal health care and poverty.

But really — would an Edwards endorsement of Clinton be credible, after all the disparaging things he’s said in debates linking her to the “status quo” in Washington, D.C.?

Moreover, Edwards might have waited too long. He’s hardly a kingmaker at this point. Most of his supporters and staff have moved on — and most seem to have moved toward Obama.

Edwards is said to be genuinely torn between the two. But if he can’t make up his mind, why would his close decision carry that much weight either way?