Coal and coal-fired power behind latest ad blast

CoalplantholcombSupporters of coal-fired power plants justifiably complained about how an Oklahoma natural gas company secretly funded anti-coal TV and newspaper advertisements. But then what did they do? Secretly fund anti-natural gas ads, of course. Their full-page newspaper advertisement, which appeared today in The Eagle, the Kansas City Star and the Hutchinson News, makes the crazy suggestion that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is serving the interests of Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by making the state more dependent on natural gas as a fuel source.
The Kansas City Star’s Prime Buzz blog reports that the ad’s sponsor, Kansans for Affordable Energy, is headquartered in Garden City but has a Topeka mailing address, and is funded by coal company Peabody Energy and by Sunflower Electric Power Corp., the company denied air permits by the Sebelius administration to build two more coal-fired power plants in western Kansas. The group’s chairman, Bob Kreutzer, said the ad was intended to provide the “complete story” about the issue. That is, without disclosing who paid for it.
Posted by Rhonda Holman