Death threats over evolution

The federal judge who struck down the decision by the Dover, Pa., school board to teach intelligent design in science classes, John E. Jones III (in photo), told a Lawrence audience Tuesday that he spent a week under protection of federal marshals due to death threats — a “sad statement,” he said, on the lack of public understanding of the role of judges. “These criticisms point at something in the way that both the pundits and the public tend to perceive judges. It is false, it is debilitating and if unchallenged, I believe it will ultimately tear at the fabric of our system of justice in the United States.”
Jones added another good caution: “As we spend time, as we did in the Dover case, debating what to put in the science curriculum in our schools, we had better start paying attention to the curriculum of civics and government, as well as history.”
Posted by Rhonda Holman