In the JonBenet case, much ado about nothing

So Boulder, Colo., prosecutors have finally concluded what most of us suspected the minute we saw the robotic John Mark Karr doing the perp walk in those high-waisted pants of his: this guy had nothing to do with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
Which isn’t to say a crime hasn’t been committed. Mr. Karr still has a week and a half of fervid "Nancy Grace" shows on CNN to answer for. One hopes he might also be billed for the champagne and prawns he consumed on that first-class flight from Thailand, but somehow I doubt that’ll happen. We may have to settle for the child porn charges he still faces in California.
For TV news, the rabid coverage of this debacle is further proof that a 24/7 parade of experts and analysts and endlessly looping videotape leaves no one the wiser. For Boulder authorities, hoping for redemption in an investigation that was bungled from the beginning, it’s just one more failure in a bizarre case that again seems unlikely ever to be solved.
Posted by Dave Knadler