Daily Archives: May 30, 2006

Is Parkinson Sebelius’ pick?

Wichita native Mark Parkinson switched his party affiliation to Democrat Tuesday, adding to the speculation that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will name him Wednesday as her running mate, Associated Press reported. Parkinson, who now lives in Olathe, is the past chairman of the Kansas Republican Party and a former GOP state lawmaker. So if he is Sebelius’ pick, it will be a remarkable political crossover — though some GOP conservatives already considered Parkinson a traitor for encouraging Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison to switch parties and run as a Democrat against Attorney General Phill Kline.
Posted by Phillip Brownlee

Bush economy gets a better salesman?

In Henry M. Paulson Jr., chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, President Bush seems to have found a solid nominee to replace resigning Treasury Secretary John Snow. “The American economy is powerful, productive and prosperous, and I look forward to working with Hank Paulson to keep it that way,” Bush said Tuesday. He is right about the economy’s strength. With April unemployment at a four-year low of 4.7 percent and the economic growth expected to be at 3 percent or better the rest of the year, Paulson’s job will be to build on that strength — and to better persuade American consumers and investors that it’s worthy of their trust.
Posted by Rhonda Holman

Parents tuning out on TV oversight

As we argue in our editorial today, a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation confirms that parents aren’t doing enough to shield their kids from excessive TV and other electronic media use — in fact, they’re actually encouraging it.
One disturbing finding: About 20 percent of kids under age 2 have a TV in their bedrooms, despite pediatricians’ warning that this age is a crucial period of brain development and that TV can disrupt healthy bedtime routines and sleep patterns.
Parents apparently aren’t getting the message that good parenting is about setting limits.
Posted by Randy Scholfield

Amnesty wasn’t problem; enforcement was

Apparently tired of seeing the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens piled on by politicians and media, former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese discussed its intent and failings in a commentary in The New York Times, noting that at least Ronald Reagan called it what it is and would be today: amnesty. Meese touted the high-tech enforcement methods available today, and concluded: "President Bush and Congress would do better to start with securing the border and strengthening enforcement of existing immigration laws."
Posted by Rhonda Holman

Senator’s got a really big shoe agenda

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., is known for championing a vast array of legislative issues, from halting sex trafficking and human chimera research to promoting soil carbon sequestration and an official apology to Native Americans. Still, it’s surprising to learn that this month he introduced 17 bills to suspend the duties on different types of footwear, from shoes "with open toes or heels" to "certain house slippers." One bill applies to "certain leather footwear for persons other than men or women." To which The Hill responded: "Which leaves what, exactly? Humanoids? Extraterrestrials?" Actually, the amendments — Alan Bjerga, The Eagle’s Washington, D.C., reporter, explained– were related to shoes made for Topeka-based Payless Shoe Source.
Posted by Rhonda Holman

See Ryun run on home deal

Rep. Jim Ryun, R-Topeka, is the Kansas congressman seemingly most vulnerable to challenge this year, in part because he must satisfactorily explain how he came to acquire a Capitol Hill home at less than market price from an organization tied to felonious lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But Ryun told The Topeka Capital-Journal that during two weeks touring the state, "I haven’t had a single question on it. Not a single question." It’s hard to know whether that says more about Kansans or Kansas media’s coverage of the state’s congressional delegation.
Posted by Rhonda Holman

Are Democrats costing you at the pump?

For what it’s worth: The Republican National Committee is going on the offensive on gas prices and Democratic policies. It created a "gas calculator" that purports to determine, based on your car make and model and how many miles you typically drive, how much Democratic energy policy is costing you.
Posted by Phillip Brownlee

Dubious, bogus and utterly phony headlines

The following satirical headlines come from borowitzreport.com:
GORE COULD CAUSE GLOBAL BORING; Hillary Produces Cautionary Documentary About Former Veep
HOFFA TAUNTS U.S. IN NEW VIDEO; Late Teamster Boss Twits FBI For Failing to Find Him
BUSH: KEEP GUANTANAMO OPEN, CLOSE U.N.; Calls Conditions at World Body ‘Intolerable’
BUSH PRESSES FED CHIEF FOR HIKE IN APPROVAL RATING; President Demands 1 Percent Increase In Heated Oval Office Meeting
Posted by Phillip Brownlee