Does Brownback have Kansans’ backs?

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., has said he won’t read the 7,100-word profile of him, headlined “God’s Senator,” in the current Rolling Stone, which has gotten notice mostly for the author’s questionable contention that he heard Brownback jokingly refer to gay Swedes as “fruits.”
“I generally don’t read hit pieces,” Brownback said.
But Kansans might want to read it, especially those who think they twice elected Brownback to represent them in the U.S. Senate. The article relates how Brownback, in a New York City church, raised a hand to the heavens and declared, “This is about serving one constituent.” How Brownback credits Pat Robertson with getting him elected. And how involved Brownback is in a secretive brotherhood of Christian power brokers called the Fellowship and as leader of the religious right’s influential Values Action Team.
Brownback confirmed last year that he won’t seek another term in the Senate, instead focusing on a possible 2008 presidential bid. But it’s increasingly fair for Kansans, reading such articles, to wonder whether their priorities are Brownback’s priorities.
Posted by Rhonda Holman