Daily Archives: Dec. 16, 2005

We’re finally back up

Sorry for the problems with our blog Friday. Our vendor had a major meltdown that locked it up — and every other blog it serves. The problem appears to be fixed. Again, sorry.
Posted by Phillip Brownlee

What if Bush knew all along?

Just when you thought the Plamegate mystery couldn’t get any odder, along comes syndicated columnist Robert Novak’s assertion this week that President Bush knows which administration official or officials leaked the CIA agent’s name to the media. That’s hard to believe, because it means the president sat silently by as one reporter was jailed and others were forced to testify — actions, by the way, that despots around the world have cited as justification for their suppression of media freedom.
Posted by Rhonda Holman

An interesting debate on torture

Some of our most influential public intellectuals are debating whether the United States should torture or not — and it’s a fascinating and important argument, because so much is at stake for the principles of our nation. Here’s a series of arguments for those wanting a more in-depth, philosophical debate about the issue.
Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer recently wrote in the Weekly Standard that torture is sometimes useful and might be necessary in extreme situations (the ticking time bomb scenario) and we should therefore regulate it in our laws; fellow conservative Andrew Sullivan — one of the blogosphere’s severest critics of the administration’s torture policy — responds here.
And Slate magazine founder Michael Kinsley weighs in with another rejoinder to Krauthammer. He argues that “morality does not require us to build a general policy on torture around a situation that is not merely unlikely in real life, but different in kind from the situations we are likely to face in real life. What we would do or should do if this situation actually arose is an interesting question for bull sessions in the dorm, but not a pressing issue for the nation.”
Posted by Randy Scholfield

Would a tri-county casino win change minds in Topeka?

This week’s results of a scientific survey by KWCH, Channel 12, were fascinating: 67 percent of Sumner County voters, 58 percent of Harvey County voters and 55 percent of Marion County voters said they’d support a casino coming to their county. Only the real mail-in ballot results count (they should be available Friday through next week). But such polling data again suggests there is a disconnect on this issue between the politicians and the people.
Posted by Rhonda Holman

Dubious, bogus and utterly phony headlines

MIRECKI CLAIMS BEATING BY FELLOW KU PROFESSORS LED TO RESIGNATION; Embattled Prof Says Peers Mentioned P.R. Debacle During Vicious Gang Stomp

CHRISTMAS UNDER ATTACK BY FRENCH TOURISTS, SAYS O’REILLY; Foreigners Fail to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ to Americans, Charges Cable Host


JAPAN AGREES TO RENEW BEEF IMPORTS BUT BANS FRIED PORK SKINS; Koizumi Insists the Snack Food Is Scaring Japanese Consumers

Posted by Randy Scholfield

Be careful driving while gawking at the giant cowboy

As downtown’s WaterWalk public-private development struggles to make visible progress, there is no missing one sign of progress along I-135 in Park City: Wild West World’s 75-foot cowboy sign, which is scheduled to be lighted Friday. The Western-themed amusement park isn’t supposed to open until May 2007, but it will be fun to watch it come together.
Posted by Rhonda Holman